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  • Fluorescent color translucent soft PVC film, named as iridescent film, holographic film and rainbow film. Fluorescent PVC film is a kind of the plastic lamination film, more than 2 kinds of the resins with different refractive index are melting extrusion, then laminated to be above 100 layers by the superposition method, each layer thickness is about hundreds of nanometers. We are the professional supplier for different kinds of polymer plastic products in China.

  • Color transparent soft vinyl film roll, the main material is polyvinyl chloride, it is colorful, anti-corrosion and durable. To strengthen the toughness and the ductility, it is necessary to add some plasticizer, stabilizer, color masterbatch and so on, hardness and color is customized. The production capacity and usage of the soft vinyl film is growing up about 4% annually in worldwide, especially the countries are in urgent demands for the infrastructure construction. We are expecting to become your long term partner in China.

  • Flexible PVC film is widely applied to the extinguisher because of the excellent flame retardant. PVC film is self-extinguish right after being deviated from fire. Currently, many kinds of the plastic materials are applied to the extinguish equipment as the fire retardant performance, referring to vinyl film. We are the professional supplier for flame retardant color flexible PVC film in China for 10 year, customized for color, pattern, dimension, hardness, meet different working condition.

  • Static self-adhesive embossed flexible PVC film is a kind of two-layer co-extrusive protection film made from special production process, with the performance of high electrostatic resistance, low-temperature resistance and stable performance under high temperature. Static flexible PVC film stick on the object surface by electrostatic, slef-adhesive, without glue, be safe and healthy to users and environment. We supply static flexible PVC film in local market and international market, expect to become your plastic products supplier in China.

  • We factory is the professional supplier for embossed soft vinyl film in China. Anti-yellow embossed soft vinyl film is excellent stability performance under the daylight, high temperature, strong sunshine. Anti-yellow agent plays great effort on the production of vinyl film, to slow down the yellowing speed. We produce superior anti-yellow embossed soft vinyl film, customize for color, pattern, hardness and dimension, meet different working condition.

  • Flexible PVC film, main material polyvinyl chloride, with some additives, plasticizer, color master batch. We supply qualified embossed color flexible PVC film in China market and international market, PANTONE color, embossed pattern, hardness is customized. Superior embossed color flexible PVC film we produce is uniform color, high definition, good permeability, little decolorize.

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