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  • Cold-resistant performance is one of the important properties of flexible plastic packaging film in low temperature environments. Flexible plastic packaging film with good cold resistance can effectively ensure that the finished packaging will not easy to break in cold environments. The cold resistance of soft plastic film is expressed by brittleness temperature T, which reflects the cold resistance performance of this plastic film.


  • PVC shrink film is very common in the current packaging market, such as the outer packaging of cosmetics, stationery, doors and windows, aluminum, and various stainless steel pipes. Due to the good shrinkage and strong tensile strength of PVC shrink film, as well as the simple and easy operation of packaging,


  • TPU bulletproof interlayer film is mainly used for laminated glass,a kind of special glass made by sandwiching a layer of TPU film between two pieces of glass and heated by high pressure. TPU bulletproof laminated glass is widely used in construction, automobile, photovoltaic and other industries due to its advantages of safety, heat preservation, noise control, and anti-UV. The TPU bulletproof interlayer film produced by special formula is also widely used in aerospace, military and high-tech industries, such as aircraft, aerospace products, military instruments, solar cells and solar panels.


  • The optical properties of plastic film sheet are especially important in flexible packaging and agricultural production application, which can be characterized by haze, clarity and gloss.


  • In flexible packaging industry, composite film is also named as laminate film, a kind of polymer material composed of two or more layer of different film materials. The compounding of various base films can be processed by extrusion lamination or adhesive glue lamination, and obtain a comprehensive packaging material that combines the advantages of various films.


  • In the composite process, a variety of adhesives are used to meet the bonding between leather, textiles, clothing, sponge, paper, metal, PVC and other materials. The traditional liquid glue is thermosetting, which adhesive material need to be baked after manually brushing; the hotmelt adhesive glue film is thermoplastic, be hot pressed after cutting, simple convenient and environmentally friendly.