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  • The shrinkage rate of TPU film refers to the percentage change in the size during the heating and stretching process. Shrinkage is an important performance indicator, which can affect the use effect and processing difficulty of the TPU film material.


  • Flame retardancy is the property of a substance that slows or retards the spread of flames. Different from fire-proof properties, flame-retardant plastic film protect themselves from burning, which are widely used in construction, transportation, electronic equipment and other fields.


  •  TPU film is a polymer material, has good elasticity and durability. It is unavoidable to meet the pollution problem of the TPU film surface during using. Is TPU film washable?


  • TPU film is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly polymer elastomer plastic film with high strength, wear resistance, good elasticity, weather resistance, environmental protection, recyclable and decomposable. The elasticity, hardness and hydrophilicity of TPU film is changable by adjusting the proportion of polyurethane block components. TPU film can be used for hot pressing, high frequency welding, adhesive bonding and sewing.


  • PET film is a common plastic package film material with good transparency, toughness and high temperature resistance, which is widely used in packaging, printing, electronic products and other fields. Due to the special structure and material properties, the different operating temperature of PET film result in different application limitations. What is the Operating Temperature of PET Film?


  • PETG raw material is modified from PET. Compared to PET, PETG is more environmentally friendly, better plasticity, lower melt fat and higher transparency. PET film/PETE film, is polyethylene terephthalate film, also named as PETP film.   What is the difference between PET film and PETG film ?


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