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  • If the plastic film is not used temporarily after receiving, special attention should be paid on the restore of plastic film products. The correct way of restore plastic film ensures the stability of plastic film quality and performance.


  • The main processing methods of TPU foil include film blowing method, casting method, coating method and calendering method. The blowing film method and the casting method are the most common for processing TPU foil.Due to the different processing methods, the application fields of TPU foil also have their own emphasis.


  • Hot melt adhesive film is the core adhesive of shoe material. Hot melt adhesive film has a better bonding effect than traditional liquid adhesives and widely solve the odor of shoe materials and the unfriendly environment during the production process.


  • TPU plastic film is a type of mature environmental protection film with good anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties. TPU plastic film material also has strong tension and elongation, excellent hydrolysis resistance, yellowing resistance and low temperature resistance. When the TPU film appears powder, which is called precipitation in the industry. The precipitation of TPU film seriously decrease the product value.


  • Plastic flexible packaging film is an important material for pharmaceutical packaging, and pharmaceutical packaging has strict safety requirements. To prevent the contents from deteriorating, it is requested that the flexible packaging film should be with moisture-proof, gas-blocking, light-proof, sterile, and sealed.


  • Cold-resistant performance is one of the important properties of flexible plastic packaging film in low temperature environments. Flexible plastic packaging film with good cold resistance can effectively ensure that the finished packaging will not easy to break in cold environments. The cold resistance of soft plastic film is expressed by brittleness temperature T, which reflects the cold resistance performance of this plastic film.