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  • Different types of plastic film, with different properties and states of burning flames. The common plastic film burning phenomenon refers to igniting a small piece of film with fire, observing the change of the nature and state, the difficulty of burning, the presence or absence of spontaneous combustion (whether the plastic film continues to burn after leaving the flame), odor, flame and smoke color phenomena after combustion, such as the color and state of the residue after combustion.


  • The melting point of PET film is 260℃


  • With the continuous emergence of various new materials, new equipment and new processes, plastic TPU film is developing in the direction of variety, specialization and multi-functional composite films. The most commonly used method for surface treatment of plastic TPU film is corona treatment.


  • PVC plastic material is one of the five general-purpose synthetic plastics, Due to the poor cold resistance and low temperature impact resistance of PVC, the application of PVC plastic materials is limited in some field. The brittle temperature is an index for the cold resistance of soft PVC film


  • PET film is a kind of common plastic film material in electronics, adhesives, die-cutting, packaging and other industries. How to identify PET polyethylene film, from other plastic foil material?


  • PET Film, polyethylene film, is widely applicated in the electronics industry, like magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial films, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical-grade mirror surface protection.


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