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  • PET film is a common plastic package film material with good transparency, toughness and high temperature resistance, which is widely used in packaging, printing, electronic products and other fields. Due to the special structure and material properties, the different operating temperature of PET film result in different application limitations. What is the Operating Temperature of PET Film?


  • PETG raw material is modified from PET. Compared to PET, PETG is more environmentally friendly, better plasticity, lower melt fat and higher transparency. PET film/PETE film, is polyethylene terephthalate film, also named as PETP film.   What is the difference between PET film and PETG film ?


  • TPU hot melt adhesive film is a type of high-performance adhesive film with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, water resistance, dry cleaning resistance and good impact resistance. The production process of TPU hot melt adhesive film flowing as below.


  • Waterproof breathable membrane has good high temperature resistance, reach to 200°C~250 °C, and will be  higher heat resistance temperatures in some specific environments.


  • TPU waterproof and moisture-permeable membrane is a new type of functional environmentally friendly plastic film, drives the rapid growing of related applications of clothing fabrics and medical accessories, medical surgical gowns. There are some factors affect the waterproof and moisture permeability of the TPU membrane.


  • TPU hot melt adhesive film is an environmentally friendly adhesive film material,  which is solidified at room temperature and has no stickiness, melts and becomes sticky at melting point. TPU hot melt adhesive film can be used in low-temperature environments, fast bonding and keep stable performance.