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  • The optical properties of plastic film sheet are especially important in flexible packaging and agricultural production application, which can be characterized by haze, clarity and gloss.


  • In flexible packaging industry, composite film is also named as laminate film, a kind of polymer material composed of two or more layer of different film materials. The compounding of various base films can be processed by extrusion lamination or adhesive glue lamination, and obtain a comprehensive packaging material that combines the advantages of various films.


  • In the composite process, a variety of adhesives are used to meet the bonding between leather, textiles, clothing, sponge, paper, metal, PVC and other materials. The traditional liquid glue is thermosetting, which adhesive material need to be baked after manually brushing; the hotmelt adhesive glue film is thermoplastic, be hot pressed after cutting, simple convenient and environmentally friendly.


  • TPU film is kind of polymer plastic film with excellent waterproof performance, except good air permeability, wear resistance, and with a wide range of application for industry and lifetime.


  • Breathable TPU film is a kind of non-porous film, to achieve air permeability by the soft segment hydrophilic groups of polymer materials, with excellent moisture permeability and air permeability, and excellent bacteria and liquid barrier properties.


  • Generally, the largest amount of electrical adhesive tape is used, which is electrical adhesive tape. According to its characteristics, it can also be used for protective adhesive tape, luggage adhesive tape, identification adhesive tape, advertising tape, pipeline adhesive tape, etc. It is also widely used in daily life, such as footwear, toys, raincoats, tablecloths, umbrellas, agricultural films, etc.