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Moisture Permeable TPU Film


Moisture permeable TPU film is an ideal material for the textile industry as its excellent moisture permeability performance. Moisture-permeable TPU film is compounded with the woven base fabric, and acts as a barrier film that can breathe freely. The water vapor produced by the human body can be emitted, but no external liquid can penetrate. The breathable TPU film has 5-6 times of the moisture permeability than ordinary TPU film.

Water vapor transmission rate “MVTR”, is also named as water vapor transmission rate “WVTR”.  MVTR/WVTR, is the flow rate of water vapor passing through a unit area in the direction perpendicular to the surface of the human body per unit time, expressed as the number of grams of water vapor permeating through a square meter in a specified time interval. ASTME96B and ASTME96E are methods for measuring MVTR or WVTR.

POLYSAN company supply low moisture permeable, medium moisture permeable, high moisture permeable TPU film, are widely used in textiles, footwear, automobiles, medical care and other applications.


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