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The Characteristics of PVC Calendering Flexible Film


The PVC calendering flexible film is made by the calendering process. Calendering process is pass the heated polyvinyl chloride plastic material through one or more oppositely rotating horizontal rollers. The PVC plastic material will become a certain thickness, width and smooth flexible film and sheet after the extrusion and extension in the calandering. 

High Tensile Strength

The tensile strength of PVC calender flexible film is as high as 29MPa. In the previous sandstorms ,  PE film and  EVA film were both damaged, but the PVC calendered film kept intact.

High Thickness Accuracy

The roller of the PVC calendaring flexible film is in the shape of a middle drum, the middle rollers cross, the lower roller has a pre-strain, and the roller surface is finely ground, the PVC flexible thickness accuracy is high.

Good Transparency

The PVC calendered flexible film is extruded by a mirror roller during the molding process, high surface finish, little condensation of water droplets, keeps highlight transmittance.

POLYSAN company is a Chinese plastic film factory for PVC flexible film. We company owns high-end 6 fully automatic calendering production line, four-roll calender machine, annual output is more than 50,000 tons of high-quality PVC flexible film products. 

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