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About Melting Point and Operating Temperature of Hot Melt Adhesive Film

Hot-melt adhesive film products are one type of hot-melt adhesive products. Hot-melt adhesives are made into films, and kept the basic characteristics the same hot-melt adhesives. Melting point is one of the parameters of hot melt adhesive film products, which means the hot melt adhesive film will melt at a specific temperature.

The hot melt adhesive film is a kind of mixture, the melting is a process, no exact temperature point. The melting point temperature of hot melt adhesive film is mean temperature range, such as 70℃~85℃. 

For example, the melting point range of TPU hot melt adhesive film is 120℃~140℃, which means the TPU hot melt adhesive film starts to melt from 120℃, and completely melts until 140℃. Therefore, the operating temperature should to be at minimum 120 ℃ to make the hot melt adhesive film completely melt, the actual operating temperature is 140 ℃ higher than the melting point temperature about 20℃, better effect. 

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