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TPU Waterproof and Breathable Film


 TPU waterproof and breathable film is made of thermoplastic Polyurethane elastomer TPU, which has good elasticity and high strength. TPU waterproof and breathability film is extremely thin, the thickness range is 0.012mm-0.03mm, but can withstand water pressure of more than 10000 mmH2O. Compared with PU breathability film, TPU breathability improved the air permeability, moisture permeability and water pressure resistance. 

 TPU waterproof and breathable film with excellent performance characteristics as waterproof, breathable and dustproof.

1. Waterproof: The micropores size on the TPU film pore size is 10,000 times smaller than water droplets, so that water cannot pass through, effectively protecting sensitive parts, avoiding liquid erosion, and improving product service life.

2. Breathable: The micropores size is 700 times larger than that of water vapor. While waterproof, TPU film allows air to pass smoothly, which can effectively dissipate heat, prevent the inner wall from fogging, and balance the air pressure inside and outside the space.

3. Dustproof: The microporous channel forms a mesh-like 3D structure in the TPU film, and the uniform and dense micropore distribution makes the dust meet the barrier, achieves an effective dustproof effect.

 POLYSAN company is a professional plastic film China manufacturer for TPU waterproof and breathable film, eco-friendly, widely used for fabric and textile lamination application.