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Flexible PVC film for PVC Electrical Tape


PVC electrical tape, PVC insulation tape, is made of flexible PVC film and coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, which has good insulation, flame retardant, voltage resistance, cold resistance, and the electrical insulation performance is stable in humid environment and water. 

PVC electrical tape is widely appreciated for wire winding, insulation and fixing of various motors and electronic parts such as transformers, motors, capacitors, and voltage stabilizers. 


The insulation properties of PVC electrical tapes is related to the content of calcium additive in the calendering process of the PVC vinyl foil. The lower content of calcium additive, the higher the insulation level of PVC electrical tape. Conversely, the higher the content of calcium additive, the obvious reverse white phenomenon after stretching, the lower the insulation level of PVC electrical tape.


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