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EVA Shower Curtain and PEVA Shower Curtain


EVA shower curtain and PEVA shower curtain are popular shower curtain products processed from high-grade EVA film and PEVA film plastic materials. EVA bathroom shower curtain and PEVA bathroom shower curtain are both green environmental plastic film product, is no harmful to human body.

EVA film and PEVA film are the polymers of EVA and PEVA, which are odorless and smooth, with good hand feeling, waterproof and mildew resistance. The EVA content determines the feel and drape of the shower curtain film. The higher the EVA content, the softer the shower curtain, the better the drape.

POLYSAN company is profession  high-grade EVA film and PEV film exporter for bathroom shower curtain in international market, customized for thickness, embossed patten, print pattern and color.

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