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What is TPE Plastic Material?


TPE plastic material, full name is thermoplastic elastomer, is the general term for a thermoplastic elastomer material.

TPE material is a new type of rubber and plastic material, known as the "fourth generation rubber" by the rubber industry. TPE materials replace PVC, certain silicone and rubber, are widely used in the automotive industry, medical equipment, sports equipment.

All TPE materials contain rigid chain segments and flexible rubber chains, similar to plastic. TPE plastic material includes SEBS, SBS and modified materials of such elastomers (SEBS and PP mixed together, also called TPE-S styrene thermoplastic elastomer), TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), TPEE (thermoplastic polyester elastomer), TPV (thermoplastic sulfide rubber, PP and EPDM) and TPO, TPAE, etc.  


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