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Ultramarine Blue Pigment in PVC Vinyl Film


PVC vinyl film has a slight absorption of blue in the short and medium wavelength range of visible light. PVC vinyl film roll looks yellowish or brownish by the naked eye, which affects its chromaticity and shows staleness. Therefore, ultramarine blue is necessary in the calandering processing of PVC plastic film, to eliminate the original yellow.

Ultramarine blue is a blue pigment that can effectively eliminate the yellow shade in white products and has a whitening effect. In the production of PVC film roll, different blue colors such as light blue and dark blue are modulated according to the proportion of ultramarine.

Ultramarine is a multi-element, non-toxic inorganic pigment formed by calcining silicate at high temperature as the main raw material. Ultramarine blue blended PVC film , does not change color for a long time under the condition of 200oC, color keeps bright and pure for long time.

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