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The Density of PE Film


PE film, polyethylene film. Polyethylene plastic film contains HDPE film, MDPE film, and LDPE film.

LDPE film, low density polyethylene film, the density is about 0.92g/cm3. LDPE film has good transparency and heat-sealability, excellent waterproof and moisture-proof; low tensile strength and high tensile elongation. According to the production process, LDPE film is divided into blown film IPE film, cast film CPE film, low foaming film and so on.

MDPE film, medium density polyethylene film, the density is about 0.93 ~ 0.94g/cm3.

HDPE film, high-density polyethylene film, the density is 0.94-0.965g/cm3. High-density polyethylene film has better heat resistance and mechanical strength than LDPE film. HDPE film is mainly used as vest bags, garbage bags and lining bags.

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