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Antistatic PVC Film


  As a kind of polymer material, plastic film has excellent electrical insulation, and static electricity is generated after contacting, rubbing and separating from objects. Normal plastic film is difficult to transfer the generated electric charge, electrostatic charge is accumulated on the surface, and the breakdown of electrostatic discharge causes the failure of electronic products. Anti-static film, dissipative film and conductive film are functional films, which are widely used in the packaging of electronic products to avoid electrostatic damage to circuits and protect electronic products.

 Conductive resistance values are between 10e3 and 10e5, is used for electrostatic field shielding of the area.

 Antistatic and dissipative material resistance value are between 10e6 to 10e9. anti-static PVC film is widely used to avoid electrostatic damage to integrated circuits. The smaller the resistance value, the better anti-static performance.

POLYSAN is a China plastic factory for various functional films, such as antibacterial TPU film, flame retardant PVC film, antistatic PVC film, dissipative film and conductive film.




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