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PU Film


PU film is polyurethane film. TPU film is thermoplastic polyurethane film.

PU Film is a non-toxic and harmless environmental protection material, without any harm to human skin, and is widely used in clothing fabrics, medical care, leather and other fields.

PU foil has good elasticity and is slightly high. In terms of waterproofness, extreme thickness as 0.012-0.035mm, PU film owns physical properties , which can withstand water pressure above 10000mm water column.

PU film has excellent moisture permeability, and combined with the lamination processing technology on the textile industry, greatly enhances the added value of textiles. Polyurethane membrane has been widely used in snow jackets, windbreakers, cold jackets, gloves, hats, bedspreads and other purposes.

POLYSAN is a professional plastic product manufacturer for PU film, waterproof and breathable film, high MVTR, easy laminated with kinds of fabric, textile, garment, mattress protector, baby sheet, curtain.

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