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Antibacterial TPU Film


Antibacterial TPU film is made on the basis of TPU particles by adding antibacterial agents through calendering, casting, film blowing and other processes. Antibacterial TPU film is widely used in pet products, water sports products, medical equipment products, stretcher belts.


Antibacterial TPU mainly resists three bacteria: Candida albicans, Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli.


Antibacterial TPU are non-specific bactericidal mechanisms, which means bacteria are less likely to develop resistance.


Antibacterial TPU Film is super mildew proof and antibacterial.


Antibacterial TPU film high temperature resistance 280℃, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, non-volatile and anti-loss.


POLYSAN company is plastic China factory for antibacterial TPU film for 8 years. POLYSAN Antibacterial TPU film is non-irritating to human body, non-toxic, and complies with REACH and EPA regulations.


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