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TPU Film with PET Release Film Composite Film


TPU film composite PET release film is widely used in high-end electronic fields, excellent optical performance, good protection.

The TPU film composite PET release film, laminate the PET release film on the surface of the TPU film through the pressure roller and rolling process. Therefore, the TPU composite film takes into account the advantages of TPU and PET.

PET film is a release film, which can play the following four functions in the composite TPU film:

1.      Increase the tensile strength

     TPU film has poor tensile strength and is high stretch. The PET release film has good tensile strength and low stretch. The combination of the two kinds of plastic film just makes up for the shortcomings of TPU.

2.     Increase the resistance to damage

     The advantage of the composite TPU film with PET film makes thickness increased, and the anti-breakage performance of the PET release film can also make up for the deficiencies of the TPU film.

3.     Prevent the TPU film from sticking back

     One side of the PET release film has an anti-sticking effect, which will not stick together when rolled up.

4.     Keep the surface of the TPU film clean

     When printing process, the PET release film protects TPU film from deformation and keeps the surface clean to prevent contamination.


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