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The Difference between EVA Film and PVC Film


EVA film and PVC film are both the modern general-purpose plastic packaging films, because of their  softness, high transparency and good heat-sealability. What about the difference between EVA film and PVC film?

1.The density of EVA film is low (0.93g/cm3)

The density of PVC film is high (1.28g/cm3);

2.  EVA film is very soft without plasticizer. EVA film can be formed without adding any additives during production and processing. EVA film material is an environmentally friendly non-toxic material, and can decompose on its own within three years under the ground.

PVC is easy to decompose when heated. Stabilizers and plasticizers are necessary during the PVC film processing.

3. EVA film has good impact resistance, and the impact resistance at low temperature is significantly higher than that of PVC. The embrittlement temperature of EVA is about -100°C.

The PVC film will be embrittle at 0°C, cold-resistant performance of PVC film can be keep softness at   -30°C

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