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How to Distinguish between PVC Film and PET Film ?


PVC film and PET film, are both wide application in life and industry.

We judge PVC film and PET plastic film from appearance and touch feeling. and then burn it with fire. According to the color of the flame, the density of the smoke, the color and the smell to distinguish.

Combustion characteristics of PVC film and PET film plastic films:

PVC film is self-extinguishing away from the fire. PVC film will catch fire when burned with a fire source, yellow flame color . When PVC film burning, the black smoke is heavy and has a pungent special smell. The flame will automatically go out after the fire source is removed. PVC film is widely used for flame-retardant material in building, electric tape, wire harness for auto etc.  

PET film, is flammable plastic film material.  PET film will continue to burn and shrink while burning, there is also thicker black smoke, the burned part is white, and there will be a sour taste. For flame retardant PET film, there are internal flame retardant additive and flame retardant coating.

We POLYSAN supply flame retardant PVC film and PET film, VTM-0 comply with UL94.

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