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PVC Matte Film for PVC Decoration Film


At present, matte PVC decorative films are mostly used in home decoration, home appliances, furniture, automotive interiors and other products.

The methods to reduce the gloss of PVC film include physical methods and chemical methods. 

The physical methods include release paper method, sandblasting and embossing roller method, etc., which have been widely used. The matting effect is uniform and the opening procedure is more convenient. However, after high temperature (> 180°C) molding processing, the matting effect is often weakened, therefore, their physical application is limited. 

The existing PVC decorative film is composed of multiple layers of PVC films with different properties. In order to achieve a matte effect, a matte PVC film is usually laminated on the surface, and then the purpose of matting is achieved by high-temperature bonding and embossing. The PVC resin-type matte agent is added to the PVC matte film formula to chemically react on the surface of the PVC to change the refractive index and achieve the matte effect.