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Heat Transfer PET Film


Heat transfer PET film, DTF PET film,  named as cold and hot peeling PET release film.

Heat transfer PET film standard size 480mm*640mm390mm*540mm440mm*600mm

Heat transfer PET film thickness have 50um, 70um, 75um, 100um and customized.

Heat transfer PET film feature:

The heat transfer effect is perfect when the heat transfer temperature keep between 130-150℃. Heat transfer PET release film is the universal heat transfer substrate film in the current heat transfer market; because of the back-coated anti-adhesive layer, which can prevent the PET film from long-distance transportation and adhesion and scrapping under pressure, after multiple coatings The fabric is precisely processed, the ink layer is absorbed quickly, and the surface has a high flatness, which can reach 175-210 line screen printing; it can achieve ideal results regardless of fine pattern or color block printing.

We POLYSAN international company is a professional heat transfer PET film supplier in China, with perfect heat transfer effect, without glue residue, widely used for heat-resistant fabrics such as cotton, chemical fiber, cotton blended fabric, EVA, non-woven fabric, leather, etc.

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