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Anti-Fog PET Film


Anti-fog PET film, PET sheet (polyethylene terephthalate) is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material, which has the characteristics of folding resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and low temperature embrittlement resistance.

Double side anti-fog PET film is produced with high-end anti-fog technology, with high transparency and double-side anti-fog, high gloss, good barrier properties, safety and hygiene, environmental protection, high strength and excellent friction resistance.

Anti-fold PET film and PET sheet are widely used for visual packaging of food, medicine and electronic equipment, not only for storage and transportation of products at room temperature, but also for product packaging, food packaging, transparent masks, medical masks, protective masks, medical equipment and other fields.

We POLYSAN supply high quality anti-fog PET film, PET sheet, excellent physical and mechanical properties, and excellent optical properties, such as good transparency, low haze, and high gloss.