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TPU Film on Medical and Health Field


In the medical and health field, TPU film is mainly used in surgical gowns, medical gloves, medical mattresses, ice packs, bandages, plasma bands, condoms, wound dressings, artificial organs, etc. For example, waterproof and breathable TPU medical gloves can provide excellent water vapor permeability, antibacterial properties and comfort; the use of TPU microporous and hydrophilic membrane can make the wound dressing have good ventilation and absorption functions, which can effectively block the active components in the drug. It can be divided into unnecessary diffusion, and ensures the active ingredients act on the skin at a certain rate; TPU has good compatibility with human blood and tissues, and TPU is widely used to make plastic materials for blood transfusions and artificial organs.

At present, medical devices made of TPU have been widely used abroad. Affected by China's aging population, new materials such as TPU will be widely used. Based on the 27% compound revenue growth rate of China's medical device industry, medical-grade TPU has huge profit margins.

As a new plastic material with stable quality, non-toxic and pollution-free, TPU film will be widely used in various fields of production and life.

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