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PPF Soft Coating and Hard Coating


The nano coating plays important roles on car paint protection film PPF, high anti-fouling, chemical resistance, weather resistance, anti-scratch, anti-ultraviolet, hydrophobic self-cleaning, scratch repair, protect car paint to be glossy and brand-new.

On TPU PPF and TPH PPF, high quality and stable coating embossed on the film surface, there are two types: soft coating and hard coating.

PPF soft coating, excellent self-repair performance, better anti-fouling, and elongation strength, which type is easy for sticker operation. But compared to hard coating, soft coating is less density after stretching,  lower anti-scratch performance.

PPF hard coating, with good performance of anti-scratch, for thermal repair performance. The TPU PPF and TPH PPF with hard coating, will be repair under 60oC.

We POLYSAN supply TPU PPF and TPH PPF, for hard coating and soft coating, for different customer’s request.