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The Water Stains and Rain Spots Appear on PPF


Due to the uncontrollability of the environment and the accumulation of surface substances over time, it is normal to have rain spots and water stains. The rain spots and water stains will penetrate into the car paint if without PPF, car paint is easy to be corrosion and aging. The PPF will help the car paint remains intact and without damages. There are some reasons to be the water stains and rain sports problem .

1.    The PPF coating material problem

There will be some differences in the stability of the matching of the PPF base film and the coating. The PPF coating do not resist water infiltrated well ,water droplets on the PPF surface infiltrated and settled down,  and gradually forming water stains and rain spots over time.

2.    The acidity and alkalinity of water

Rainwater has a relatively high acidity and alkalinity. Under direct sunlight after raining, some deposits will slowly permeate into the car wrap film, forming water stains and rain spots.

Some suggestions on how to avoid the formation of rain spots and water stains:

1.    Clean the car in time after getting wet

2.    Park in an underground garage or a sheltered place

3.    Wash the car frequently and maintain the PPF regularly

We POLYSAN supply high grade car paint protection PPF,embossed with tight and stable nano polyurethane coating on film surface, is highly resistant to water stains and rain spots.