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Polyether TPU Film


There are two types of TPU film : polyester TPU film and polyether TPU film. Compared to polyester TPU film, polyether TPU film is with better hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance, excellent anti-mildew and antibacterial properties. Polyether TPU film is the ideal plastic film products for water sports products and medical products.

Polyether TPU film excellent performance as below:

1.       Hydrolysis resistance: Polyether TPU film with high hydrolysis resistance, there is no significant hydrolysis effect if leaving the TPU film in the water for 1-2 years under room temperature. So, polyether TPU foil is widely used for water sports products like water ball, life jacket.

2.       Low temperature resistance: Polyether TPU foil keeps stable elasticity and softness under minus 40 degree Celsius, without be aging and vitrification.

3.       Anti-yellowing: the standard of anti-yellowing polyether TPU film is above grade 4, to ensure the transparent lasting.

4.       Anti-mildew and antibactierial: Polyether TPU film has strong resistance to the growth of Penicillium, Aspergillus, Aureobasidium pullulans and mixed spores. Therefore, polyether TPU film is widely applicate for medical products, like wound pad.

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