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The Curing Process of TPU Film


To strength the TPU film excellent performance , curing is the necessary process during the TPU foil production.

TPU film curing, is also name as TPU film maturing, which is the process of putting the TPU plastic film into the drying room (curing room) to make the main agent and curing agent of the polyurethane adhesive react and crosslink and interact with the surface of the composite substrate. The main purpose of curing is to make the main agent and curing agent fully react within a certain period of time to achieve the best combined strength. The second is to remove residual solvents with low boiling points, such as ethyl acetate.


The control of curing temperature and time is the main parts of the TPU film curing control. The curing temperature and curing time are determined by the properties of the adhesive used and the final performance requirements of the product. Different types of adhesives have different curing temperatures and times. The curing temperature is too low, below 20°C, and the adhesive reacts very slowly. If the curing temperature is too high, the substrate film additives will precipitate, which will affect the performance of the composite film and increase the peculiar smell. Long curing time will also low down the performance of the TPU film and increase the peculiar smell, which is mainly caused the precipitation of processing agent.

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