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Car Paint Protection Film Coating


Car paint protection film is with good performance of scratch repair, as there is a kind of magic nano coating on wrap film surface, to protect the base film from scratching. There are two kinds of coating for self-healing and heat healing.

PPF Self-healing function, when the external force disappear, the coating molecules will be return to the original position by itself, no other factors are required to affect. On the car wrap film, the self-healing coating molecule is with large activity space, small quantity, and loose structure. Therefore, the self-healing coating has poor stain resistance and hydrophobicity, the car paint protection film is tend to be matt, low glossy.

PPF heat-healing function, in terms of the structure, the heat-healing coating molecular is tightly distributed on the car wrap film surface. With the structural advantage, the scratch will not be very deep on the coating, and it is naturally not easy to break through the coating. The heat-healing coating is an evolution of the self-healing coating.

We POLYSAN adopts aliphatic TPU base film and high performance TPH base film, with compact nano heat-healing coating, high hydrophobicity and stain resistance. The PPF will be automatically repair minor scratches on the car protection film surface when exposed to heat, to keep the wrap film and car paint be glossy and brand-new.

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