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PVC Advertising Decoration Inkjet Film


PVC polyvinyl chloride calander film is widely used for wall advertising, decorative wallpaper, light box advertising, outdoor large advertising, toy film. PVC foil is with good ink absorption force, the surface tension is above 38, be bright color and beautiful pattern on surface painting.

There are some following disadvantages of the PVC advertising inkjet film, like blurry patterns, ink migration, ink dispersal, scattered ink, interpenetration at the border of different colors, ink shedding etc. The quality of PVC base film is the most important matter to the ink performance.

Plasticizer is the necessary material in the calandering production to keep the softness of the PVC foil. Plasticizers are easily affected by temperature, pressure, media contact, etc., and migrate to the surface of the film, causing the surface of the PVC film to become sticky, and not slippery. Therefore, the surface tension of the PVC film material is reduced, less than 38, low absorption to inkjet and be unclear pattern poor saturation, low definition.

We POLYSAN is an professional PVC film factory in China, supply high quality PVC film without plasticizer migration, be excellent ink absorption for advertising decoration film material.

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