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Popcorn Technology TPU Foaming Material


TPU foaming material, is also named as ETPU(Expand Thermoplastic Polyurethanes). Guided by gas phase differentiation, TPU materials are made into ultra-light expanded TPU beads with high resilience. Like popcorn, these beads can expand to 5 to 8 times of the original size. There are numerous cells whose diameters range from 30 to 300um containing plenty of air inside the beads.

 ETPU is widely used on shoes materials. What made TPU foaming material be famous is that it was used in the production of Adidas BOOST series sports shoes. TPU foam material is indeed a excellent shoe material with both aesthetics, stability and excellent performance.

TPU foaming material overcomes the shortcomings of TPU raw materials, be with elasticity, compression resistance, and excellent low temperature resistance. ETPU is a kind of ideal material for shoe insoles and sole material,  with many advantages such as environmental protection, wear resistance, high elasticity, and yellowing resistance.

TPU hot melt adhesive film is the same type material as TPU foaming material. So TPU hot melt adhesive film is a kind of suitable adhesive material to bond TPU foaming material on shoes.

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