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TPU Hot Melt Film


TPU hot melt film is popular plastic film product currently, which is widely used in clothing, shoe materials, packaging and other fields. TPU hot melt film is not only meet high viscosity request, but also with good physical properties, like good elasticity and high mechanical strength. TPU hot melt film is capable of many areas where traditional hot melt film products are difficult to use. TPU hot melt film will be one of the important development directions for the combination of plastic film and hot melt adhesive in the future.

The main material of TPU hot melt film is thermoplastic polyurethane, also named as thermoplastic polyurethane hot melt film. TPU hot melt film has some common characteristics of polyurethane materials, soft material, cold resistance and water resistance.

Characteristics 1: Soft material

Compared with other materials, TPU hot melt film is softer under the same thickness, and is very suitable for the composite and bonding of textile fabrics in the clothing field. The fabric bonded by TPU hot melt film will be very comfortable to wear on the human body, without plastic or foreign body sensation.

Characteristics 2: Good cold resistance

In addition, the cold resistance of hot melt adhesive films is very important in practical applications. The TPU hotmelt adhesive film keeps good softness even at zero 30-40°C, without brittle.

Characteristics 3: Good washable

TPU hotmelt film is often used for fabric lamination in the clothing field. The clothes inevitably need to be cleaned during use. The washing resistance of the TPU hot melt adhesive film makes our clothes more durable.


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