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How Flexible PVC Vinyl Film and Sheet be Flame Retardant ?


PVC is an antiflaming, self - extinguishing, chemicals, electrical insulation and thermoplastic. There are 56.8% chlorine content in PVC resin. Rigid PVC film is self-extinguishing too.

Flexible PVC vinyl film and sheet contain some plasticizers, most plasticizers are flammable. In the production formula of flexible PVC vinyl film and sheet, if the plasticizer less than 50 parts, the finished flexible PVC vinyl film and sheet will burn on fire and self-extinguish after leaving the fire; if the plasticizer more then 50 parts, the finished flexible PVC vinyl film and sheet will be extremely flammable and not self-extinguishing.

In addition, some modifiers added to PVC formulations are often flammable. These components will also improve the flammability of PVC products.

The most common flame retardants (FR) in PVC formulations are antimony oxide, zinc borate, chlorinated paraffin, tricresyl phosphate (TCP), tris(2,3-dichloropropyl) phosphate, tris(2,3) phosphate -Dibromopropyl) ester, etc. Chlorinated polyethylene, which is one of the impact modifiers of PVC, can also play a certain flame retardant effect because it can increase the chlorine content of the product.   

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