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About the Glue Adhesive of the Car Paint Protection Film


  There are 3 constructions are the core of the car paint protection film PPF, TPU  and TPH base film, glue adhesive and nano-coating on film surface.

  The glue adhesive of car paint protection film is low initial adhesion, to enhance the fault tolerance rate and reduce the pasting difficulties. The pasting position of PPF on car body is not finished one time. If there is some fault tolerance of pasting, and strong glue adhesion, there will be residual glue on the car paint. If the adhesion between glue adhesive and car paint is higher than the adhesive and base film, there will be degumming when peeling the film off.

The glue adhesive of car paint protection film PPF is strong holding adhesion. After the pasting operation, the air between the glue adhesive and base film will be released, and the holding adhesion will be strengthen, to ensure the long life time to protect the car painting.


  We POLYSAN company supply good quality car wrap film PPF, adopt high-grade glue adhesive from USA Ashland acrylic PSA, low initial adhesion and strong holding adhesion.
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