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Skylight TPU Film PPF


  Skylight TPU film PPF, is a new type polymer plastic film product, is derive from TPU PPF wrap film and heat-insulation film, with the function of blocking ultraviolet rays, heat insulation, scratch repair, etc.

Window solar film, is PET film, it is inner sticker on the car window, for the heat-insulation and anti-UV .

 If skylight TPU film can sticker on other part of car vehicle, except car roof window ? The answer is NO. Essentially, skylight TPU film is a kind of PPF car wrap filmthe installation is outer sticker like PPF for car paint protection. Skylight TPU film is 5 times thickness than window solar film. The rain wiper is unable to move on skylight TPU film as too thick, and will cause the scratch on the film surface.

We POLYSAN supply skylight TPU film PPF in good performance aliphatic TPU film, with high UV 99.3% block, VLT 74.7%, and IRR 99%.

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