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How to Solve the Plasticizer Migration Problem of PVC Film?


  PVC Film (Polyvinyl Chloride Film) has wide range of application due to its excellent comprehensive physical and chemical properties. But, there are also many industry-specific problems in the production of PVC film in the calendering process , the most important problem is the migration of plasticizer of PVC film.

  In the production of PVC film materials, a large amount of plasticizers and epoxy soybean oil are added to ensure the plasticity and softness of the film materials. However, some plasticizers are easily affected by temperature, pressure, and friction media due to low molecular weight and excessive addition. When the phenomenon of migration and exudation occurs, we call this phenomenon the precipitation and oil separation of plasticizer.

How to prevent the plasticizer migration of PVC vinyl film ?

1.       Adopt plasticizer with low volatility, less migration and less exudation

2.       Use polyester plasticizer, good compatibility with PVC

3.       Physical barriers, use nano calcium carbonate or nano silica or perlite, etc.

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