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How to Identify the Good Quality of Car Paint Protection Film ?


In the fast development of car paint protection film, how to identify the good quality of the PPF wrap film ?

From the market vision, the car paint protection film meet the requirements of no yellowing, no rain spots, no creep and no residual glue, etc., which is a good wrap film.

From the technical vision, the most important is the raw material. We POLYSAN PPF wrap film adopt the Kaiyang TPU base film, with Lubrizol aliphatic TPU SM3301 resin, with high tensile strength and elongation strength, excellent performance of anti-wearing, anti-aging, anti-folding, waterproof, is the ideal plastic film for surface protection. 

  In a word, a roll good quality car paint protection warp film requires the correct selection of raw materials, a large amount of basic research, strict manufacturing standards and other support, rather than simple assembly.

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