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Vinyl One Way Vision Film


Vinyl one way vision film ( OWV film ) is a kind of new -type advertising decoration material developed in the early 1990s. Vinyl one way vision film is adopting white glossy and white monomer PVC calander film, coating with black glue, and with silicone release film covered. And then perfortate the uniform holes and fine mesh on the vinyl film.

Vinyl one way vision film uses the principle of small hole perspective, single-sided printing screen, ink color on the inner surface, due to the difference in light between the internal and external environments, the external environment can be seen from the internal black side, while the outside can only see the advertising screen.

Vinyl one way vision film is widely used in automobiles, building exterior glass, advertising printing and many occasions where outdoor light needs to be shielded. It is easy to use, quick and easy to install and construct, and it only needs to be peeled and taped.

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