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What Factors will Affect TPU Film?


  TPU film, is well known as its good performance for high elasticity, waterproof, anti-bacteriawhat factors will affect TPU film?

1.       The transparency of TPU film

The transparency of TPU film is be directly observed under the different thickness, the transparency of TPU film is up to the thickness

2.       The color of TPU film

Colorful TPU film, is base on the natural color TPU film. The performance of TPU masterbatch and toner is mainly affected by the stability of the background color and the stability of temperature resistance, which determine the difference in color matching.

3.       The deformation rate and resilience of TPU film

The deformation rate and resilience of TPU film is the performance of resume immediately after deformation is applied by external force. The deformation and resilience of TPU film is the degree of deformation of a unit volume of the sample under the action of vertical pressure, and the ability of the material to resist pressure is judged by the speed of resilience.

4.       The anti-yellowing of TPU film

The yellowing is mainly due to the yellowing of the color of the TPU material caused by the continuous irradiation of UV. The standard change factors for the anti-yellowing test of TPU film are affected by UV light and other wattage, irradiation distance, time, temperature, humidity, etc.

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