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How to Identify between TPU Film and PVC Film?


  TPU film, full name is thermoplastic polyurethane film, main material is TPU elastomer, is processed by calendaring, casting, blowing, and coating. TPU film is well known as its excellent performance and eco-friendly.

  PVC film, full name is polyvinyl chloride film, main material is PVC resin, with other additional ingredients to strengthen the heat resistance, toughness, and ductility. PVC film is the most popular synthetic polymer material.

  How to identify between TPU film and PVC film?

1.     Elasticity: TPU film is with better elasticity than PVC film

2.     Anti-scratch: TPU film with little mark after scratch, but PVC is easy to be with mark

3.     Burning smoke: The burning smoke of TPU film is little, shows white color. The burning smoke of PVC film is strong and shows black color.

4.     Burning odor: The burning odor of TPU film is scented, and the burning odor of PVC film is acrid.

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