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The Application of TPU Film


 TPU, thermoplastic polyurethanes, is being popular because of the excellent performance and environment-friendly. Following the new type product development, the amount usage of TPU is increasing substantially in recent years.

 TPU resin, the main material for TPU film, be processed by calendaring, blowing and casting for different application for footwear, garment, medicine, national defense applies, sports goods and son on.


  Footwear: sports shoes logo, sports shoe cushions, hiking shoes, snow shoes, golf shoes, roller skates, the fabric and inner lamination materials.

  Garment: snow jackets, raincoats, windbreakers, cold jackets, field suits, diapers, physiological pant and other fabric composite materials (waterproof and breathable).

  Medicine: surgical gowns, caps, hospital mattresses, ice packs, bandages, plasma bags, surgical dressing strips, masks, and other fabrics and inner materials, operating bed airbags.

  National defense applies: aircraft fuel tanks, weapons sealing film, tent windows, military water bags, life jackets, inflatable motorboats and other fabrics and inner fabrics, airbags.

  Sports goods: football surface and inner tank, inflatable bed, drinking bag, ski gloves(waterproof bag), wetsuit, snow suit, swimsuit, snowboard, trademark, airbag, sports shirt, slimming clothes and other fabrics and inner material.

  Other uses: mobile phone buttons, plastic inflatable toys, bed sheets, table towels, shower curtains, furniture cloths, aprons, pianos, computer keyboards, membranes.

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