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The Density and Shrinkage of TPU Film


The density of TPU film is 1.10-1.25g/cm3 , the glass temperature of TPU film is 1006-1228oC, the brittle temperature of TPU film is -62oC.

What about the shrinkage of TPU film ? Different hardness of TPU film, with different shrinkage.

U85A~U90A shrinkage is 1.4~1.6
U95A~UH71D shrinkage is 0.8~1.2
UF85A~UF90A shrinkage is 1.4~1.6
UF95A~UF64D shrinkage is 1.0~1.2
U75AP~U85AP shrinkage is 1.6~2.0
UB90A~UB60D shrinkage is 1.1~1.4
UE60A~UE70A shrinkage is 2.5~2.6
UE80A~UE90A shrinkage is 1.5~1.7