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Waterproof Breathability TPU Film


  Waterproof breathability composite fabric, is a kind of new type textile fabric, is high polymer waterproof and breathable material TPU film laminated with fabric. The main function of TPU composite fabric material is waterproof, moisture-permeable, windproof, and keep warm.     

  TPU film is the short name of thermoplastic polyurethane film, is a kind of nonporous hydrophilic film. Nonporous, TPU film, with good performance of waterproof and windproof to keep warm for fabric. Moisture-permeability is realized by the hydrophilicity. There is vapor pressure difference for inner and outside of the fabric, vapor will be transferred from high pressure to low pressure.


  We POLYSAN is a professional factory for TPU foil in China. We provide waterproof breathable TPU film, including high breathability TPU film, medium breathability TPU film, low breathability TPU film. Thickness from 0.008mm-0.2mm, Max width be 95 inches, with excellent durability, tear resistance, and good bonding after water wash.