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The Thickness of Car Wrap Film


Car wrap film is the most effective solution for car paint protection. As well as known, the quality TPU car wrap film, is made from aliphatic TPU base film and nano-coating, the common thickness is between 6mil and 8mil.

We take the thickness unit of car wrap film as “mil”. 1“mil”is 0.0254mm.

When the thickness of car wrap film PPF reach to 8mil ( 0.2mm) and above, will be lower peeling strength, and lower viscosity. That means 8 mil thickness car wrap film, is with best performance of viscosity, easy to be peel off, but hard to fall off.

The self-healing performance of car wrap film, is realized by nano-ceramic coating. The nano-coating is embedded on the TPU base film surface or PVC base film surface by high-precision technology , will be elongating and shrinking following the base film, plays strong performance of function of anti-pollution , and self-healing.

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