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Anti-Yellowing of Car Paint Protection Film PPF


  The anti-yellowing of PVC PPF straight up, but the anti-yellowing of TPU PPF is curve type.

TPU is a kind of elastomer, with high worn-resistance. Normal aromatic TPU is easy to be yellowing, caused by the ultraviolet radiation.

There are some method of the TPU anti-yellowing :

1.     Add the coating technology on the TPU film to separate the ultraviolet radiation, which way to slow the yellowing.

2.     Add the ultraviolet absorber in the TPU film production to slow down the yellowing speed.

3.    Aliphatic TPU is a kind of improved variety, whose yellowing molecule is extracted, it is the essential solution for anti-yellowing.


We POLYSAN company adopt aliphatic TPU material from USA Lubrizol for car paint protection film PPF, excellent anti-yellowing performance.

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