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Features of CPE film


CPE is a kind of saturated rubber, which has excellent heat-resistant oxygen aging, ozone aging, acid and alkali resistance, and chemical resistance.

1) The CPE film has excellent oil resistance. Among them, it has excellent resistance to ASTM No. 1 oil and ASTM No. 2 oil, which is equivalent to NBR; and it has excellent resistance to ASTM No. 3 oil, which is better than CR and is equivalent to CSM.

CPE film

2) The CPE film contains chlorine element, which has excellent flame retardant properties, and has the characteristics of burning and dripping. It can be combined with antimony flame retardant, chlorinated paraffin, and Al (OH) s in an appropriate ratio to obtain a flame retardant material with excellent flame retardancy and low cost.

3) CPE film is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metals and PAHS, and it fully meets environmental protection requirements.

4) CPE film has high filling performance and can be manufactured to meet various performance requirements. The processing performance of CPE is excellent, and the Mooney viscosity (ML121 14) is available in a variety of grades between 50-100.

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