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Application of PET film


The emergence of PET film in the market can be traced back to a few years ago. It may be because the technology is not mature enough, or because there are too few people in the market who know it, and there have been no big waves before. After several years of painstaking research and promotion, the PET flat film has finally accumulated in 2019, unveiled its mystery, and entered the public eye.

 PET film

At present, PET film is often used on board furniture materials such as bathroom, cabinet, wardrobe, and decoration veneer. The PET flat film is easy to decontaminate, and the surface of the film does not generate static electricity and is not easy to adhere to dust during the wiping process. Anti-scratch and abrasion resistance, the film surface is not easy to leave marks, even if it is frequently wiped, the surface color is not easy to change or fade. Moreover, the PET flat film is easy to form, and the door panel processed by the PET film has a good three-dimensional effect.


The rapid popularity of PET film is not without a trace, its style plasticity is a sharp weapon to open the market door drastically. Looking at the decoration styles of custom-made homes in recent years, there are nothing more than three or four that are widely sought after, whether it is the Nordic minimalist style that has been popular in the past two years, or the new Chinese style that has risen strongly in recent years, or one With the light luxury style that is unparalleled in time, the PET film can easily be integrated into the scene and achieve each other.