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What are the advantages of TPU film


TPU film is increasingly popular with people because of its superior performance and environmental protection concept. At present, wherever PVC is used, TPU can become a substitute for PVC. TPU film can not only be laminated with various fabrics, but also can be vacuum thermoformed to produce products with clear contours and stable dimensions.

 TPU film

1. Wear resistance: more than five times the wear resistance of natural rubber, it is one of the preferred materials for wear-resistant products.

2. Tensile performance: The tensile strength is as high as 70MPa, and the elongation at break can be as high as 800%.

3. Tear performance: TPU film has high tear resistance, and the tear strength is better than that of commonly used rubber and plastics.

4. Flexibility: TPU film can maintain excellent tortuosity resistance under different environments and is one of the best choices among polymer materials

5. Hydrolysis resistance: TPU has good water resistance under turbidity and will not undergo obvious hydrolysis for 1-2 years

6. High temperature resistance and oxidation resistance: TPU has good oxidation resistance. The temperature resistance of general polyester series can reach 130 degrees Celsius, and the temperature resistance of polyether series can reach 90 degrees Celsius.

7. Oil and chemical resistance: TPU is a kind of strong polar polymer material. It has very little affinity with non-polar mineral oil. It is hardly corroded in fuel oil and machine oil. Among them, TPU products And the polyester series products have better oil resistance

8. Low temperature performance: TPU film has very good low temperature resistance, usually reaching -40 degrees Celsius, which is a good substitute for PVC

9. Air tightness: TPU is very easy to use high frequency or hot pressure to weld, so it is widely used in inflatable products. Generally speaking, polyester series products have better air tightness than polyether series.

10. Biomedical properties: TPU film has excellent biocompatibility, non-toxic, non-allergic, non-local irritation, and non-pyrogenic.

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