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Introduction of pvc film characteristics


Basic introduction of PVC Film


Coating: waterproof, adapt to climate, anti-ultraviolet, fire-proof, anti-wrinkle, anti-low temperature, abrasion resistance, anti-enzyme, anti-decomposition


Base fabric: stretch length, elongation, dimensional stability, flammability


Surface coating: dirt resistance, self-cleaning, scratch resistance, anti-sticking, weather resistance, UV protection, glossy/reflectivity


Base fabric and coating: adhesion, tear resistance, light transmittance

 PVC Film

Precautions for the use of pvc film


1. PVC Film must prevent surface abrasion, scratches, scratches, etc.


2. The pvc film should be stored in a dry and clean place.


3. Do not use solvent-based (such as alcohol, pine perfume, acetone, etc.) cleaning agents to clean the membrane.


4. Do not use strong alkaline cleaner to clean the membrane material.


5. Clean the dust: After rinsing with clean cold water or hot water, wipe it dry with a dry cloth or blow dry.


6. Clean organic matter such as bird droppings: it can be washed with water; it can also be wiped with a dry cloth after spraying detergent.


CPP Film
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