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The Difference between Hotmelt EVA Film and Hotmelt TPU Film


Hotmelt EVA film and hotmelt TPU film are both the important hotmelt products in hotmelt adhesive. There are some point to identify them.

1.    From performance:

Hotmelt EVA film with worse washing-resistance, unavailable for dry-cleaning, high temperature resistance to be 80oC, low temperature resistance to be 20oC.

Hotmelt TPU film with excellent washing-resistance and tensile property, high temperature resistance to be 110oC, low temperature resistance to be 20oC.

2.    From melting point:

There are 3 melting point for hotmelt EVA film: 80oC, 90oC, 110oC.

There are more kinds of melting point for hotmelt TPU film, low melting point to be 65oC, high melting point to be 180oC, wide melting point range, wide application.

3.    From application field:

Hotmelt EVA film is mostly used for EVA artwork, PET material, non-woven fabric, photovoltaic material, and diving suit sports goods.

Hotmelt TPU film is mainly used for leather, shoe material, micro fiber, sportswear fabric, paper, ceramic, plastics and textiles.


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